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About Us

We, Lee and Becky Stedje, purchased this business in 2015 from Charles B. Lindstrom, from St. Joseph, MO. We made several trips to Missouri; and on our last trip we brought home all of the parts that Charles had. He specialized in John Deere "H" tractors, and we will continue to do the same. In addition, we can get many parts for other makes/models.  We hope to provide you with the same great service that Charles has over the years.


We would like to share a little about our family.  We named the business, John Reed Antique Tractor Parts, after our two sons, John (13) and Reed (10).  These boys have been working with their dad restoring antique tractors.  You will see a lot of grease on these boys in some of the pictures I post!  Our family, also, includes two dogs, Butchy, a Blue Heeler and Copro, a Border Collie.


Lee works as a full-time mechanic.  I work part-time as a substitue teacher in several school systems.  The boys are in Junior High now and involved with church, school, sports, and 4-H.  As you can tell, we are a busy and active family.  If you call us and are unable to reach us, please leave a message.  We will return all calls and get back with you as soon as possible.

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